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Fuelling humans from plants !

Why Us

Why Choose Our Restaurant


Exceptional Choice of Ingredients

We serve fresh and high quality ingredients handpicked by our local vendors.


Encouragement of Benevolence

We at The Vegan pledge our allegiance to protect animals and condemned animal cruelty.


Convenient Location and Ample Space

The Vegan is the only fully fledged 100% vegan resturent in Colombo that can house 25 guests at the same time.

Check Our Specials

Specials are made only on pre orders...

The Vegan's special polos burger

Seasoned polos patty, lettuce, tomato and tomato souce served with hand cut potato fries.

This baby Jackfruit Burger will make you a fan. It's kid-friendly and everyone-friendly, and also free of soy and nuts. The baby jackfruit burger patty that goes into these burgers is rich and flavorful and incredibly delicious. Since this dish is made only for pre-orders, you have the luxury to customize the burger, such as flowers and sauces. Artificial flavorsor food colorings are not used.

Shiitake mushroom koththu

The Vegan's special koththu mixed with seasoned shittake mushroom to give you meatly flavor.

This dish includes Shittake mushrooms garden vegetables, paratta bread pieces, kochchi and chili paste mixed with in-house-made hot and spicy gravy. There no food flavoring is used and you can customize the dish and make it only for pre-orders.

The Sri Lankan's Kos Koththu (Jackfruit Koththu)

All time favorite Sri Lankan style kos koththu with devilled mock meat !

Jackfruit mixed with garden vegetables together with in house made gravy with 0% addition if any artificial flavouring. Serves with a gluten based devilled mockmeat to fill your appetite.

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Cherry tomato and corn salad

The customizable healthy salad

Which will ensure your carbohydrate requirements without compromising your health. Hand-picked cherry tomatoes mixed with minced fresh basil, cucumber and added with lime juice, olive oil and a little bit of sugar just to make it sweet.

Chef's special Biriyani

This is our version of Biriyani contains extraordinary tofu gravy, mint sambal, mango salsa and the mixed veggie rice is cooked longer with condiments.

Biriyani is only made for pre-orders since it takes more longer time to prepare. All the ingredients are sauced Sri Lanka specially artificial flavors or food colorings are not used. Since it is made for pre-orders, you can customize the dish for your preference. There is a minimum order quantity for this item.

Vegan lasagna

This contains, mock meat, in-house-made mock meat tofu, chef's made special tomato sauce. You can customize the dish based on your preferance.

This classic lasagna is made with an in-house made sauce as the base. Layer the sauce with mock meat and the tofu and cheese. This is great for 2 people.